The consensus here is YUMMO!!   We cut it into pieces for some of the partners secretaries so they have an idea in case they need food for mediations and the feedback was:

1) Crispy top but moist inside, not sure how you did that
2) Melt in your mouth
3) Choc chips totally unnecessary, it was like a ‘lava cake”
4) More please!
5) Our IT manager just had brownies last night from an expensive box mix and
was excited because they had splurged on the expensive Godiva mix and he
said there is no comparison to yours
6) Three other secretaries were mad they only got a taste!

Thank you!!

- Brenda L. , Edgar Snyder and Associates

Good morning Wesley.  I just wanted to let you know that the lunch that you delivered to us yesterday was delicious!!  Please expect to hear from me in the future for our in-house lunch requests.


– Valerie F. , McCune Foundation, Pitcairn-Crabbe Foundation

The lunch was wonderful.  The macaroni salad was out of this world…..just like my mom used to make.  Everything else was great, too.  Everything was wonderful and I’m sure we will be using you in the future.  Thanks again.

- Carol C., CLM, Chief Administrative Officer

Thank you so much for the visit and the lunch. It was delicious. I too look forward to working with you in the future. 

- Sharon

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lunch that you dropped off today.  That is the best roast beef that I have ever tasted.  It melted in my mouth! It was delicious.  Everybody that walked by my desk wanted to know where I got the sandwich from.  I will certainly pass your information on to any sales rep that asks for recommendations for caterers!!!!

Thanks, again!  We look forward to having you in our building.  Everybody is excited about having a delicatessen in our lobby.  If you have any questions about the building, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  

- Shari L., Office Manager, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Hi Wes.  Thank you for the box lunch earlier this week….excellent in quality and portion.
We will NOT forget you!!!  Have a super weekend!

- JT, McKnight Property Management

Wes, Thank you so much, everything was wonderful!  I’ll be calling you soon.

– Michele D.

Hi Wes, OMG the berry tart was to die for!  (I ate them both. Shhhhhh-don’t tell!) Thanks!
- Cathy

Thanks Wes!  My lunch was yummy (even though anchovy anything is not for me) but it was sooooo good that I was able to ignore the taste and I ended up eating it all.

- Pamela M., Unkovic & Scott LLP

Hi Wesley.  So sorry I missed you on Sunday…we were running late. But everything turned out perfect, the food was fantastic and there was more than enough! We had a wonderful wedding weekend and are now enjoying the Hawaiian life for a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll see you in the next few months. Thanks again.

- Megan